About us

BelleoFX is an online trading brokerage firm founded in 2020 by industry leading experts with a shared commitment to share their expertise and improve the world of financial markets. Over the past three years we have grown to a group of companies serving more than 8,000 clients in 42+ countries.

Our goal is to become the number one brokerage firm by user experience and our clients satisfaction. Welcome to the BelleoFX family!

Why choose BelleoFX?
  1. Flexible account types.
    Flexible account types.
    Choose between Standard, No Swap account, Zero spread account or a Pro trading account.
  2. Licensed and Regulated.
    Licensed and Regulated.
    It is very important for us to work within a clear framework of the law and provide the protection of the regulator to our clients.
  3. Easy onboarding process.
    Easy onboarding process.
    We know how to make your onboarding user friendly and with minimum paperwork, but to comply with regulations at the same time.
  4. Ultra-fast execution.
    Ultra-fast execution.
    Most of your trades are filled in less than 20 ms of time. Wow!
  5. Best trading platform.
    Best trading platform.
    For our beloved clients we provide the world leading trading platform - MetaTrader 5.
  6. Variety of products.
    Variety of products.
    We provide you with a range of 270 trading instruments amongst 5 asset classes.
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